SuwaconValley IoT Summit 2018 is the end to a great success

SuwaconValle IoT Summit 2018 has ended in great success. Everyone who come among the busy schedule, teachers on stage, each company on presentation and sponsorship partners, thank you very much! All employees of TECLOCK have prepared together the force.
We are very pleased for many voices of your expectations to challenge the third year. First of all, we'd like to taste this achievement, and then think about next year. We're really thankful to you.
Finally ... thank you Jkids that had made the opening video.

Sponsors Seminars | Mr. Amano (Toshiba DS), Mr. Miki(IIJ), Mr. Ushimaru (Olympus)

On sponsor seminars, we got case studies to Mr. Amano (Toshiba Digital Solutions), Mr. Miki (IIJ) and Mr. Ushimaru (Olympus).

Organizer seminar | Suwaconvalley IoT Summit2018

At organizer seminar of Suwaconvalley IoT Summit2018, Mr. Harada, president of Teclock talked about experience and dream. After the lecture he has been immediately interviews

Progress of the Connected Industries | Mr. Kasutani (METI)

We had a lecture on the theme of development of the Connected Industries by Mr. Kasutani of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on the phone from Tokyo.

Toward the realization of Society5.0 | Mr. Goto, Diet member

We had a lecture on the theme of "Toward the realization of Society5.0" by Mr. Shgeyuki Goto, a member of the House of Representatives.

Lecture by Professor Masa INAKAGE (Keio University)

We had lecture by Professor Masa INAKAGE (Keio University).
It was exciting talk that there must be human creativity to get world rich with IoT, AI and Robots.
"Ownership from to share!" & "To only from a large amount!" were keywords.

SuwaconVally IoT Summit 2018 has start!

SuwaconVally IoT Summit 2018 has started! Opening talk by President Harada as the Executive Committee was containing the spirited with opening movie. Thank you very much that we received your visit a lot. Okaya Mayor Mr. Imai, Suwa Mayor Mrs. Kaneko, Nagano Prefecture Vice Governor Mr. Nakajima gave us congratulations. It is a great start.

SuwaconValley IoT Summit 2018 is held today!

Today, SuwaconValley IoT Summit 2018 is held! We welcomes you with a smile.
It is okay that your participation from the social gathering. Let's liven up from Suwa and much information exchange! We're expecting you to come.