Measurement DX is a measurement digital transformation product that dramatically improves the QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) of products and parts by digitizing measurement in manufacturing and feeding back the results of accumulated data analysis to production sites.
The digitalization of “measurement” enables not only paperless operation, but also man-hour reduction and data accumulation. In the analysis and utilization of accumulated data, not only “visualization,” but also feedback to the production site is possible by speeding up searches and utilizing AI based on SPC (Statical Process Control) analysis. The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle in the production process described above will dramatically improve QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery). TECLOCK’s “Measurement DX” will help you address issues and improve efficiency on the production floor.

Easy digitization and analysis of measurement data.
Three types of lineup to choose from according to use environment and requirements.

[1]Cloud "Measurement DX"

Used in an open network environment. Manage measurement data at each location in the cloud.
Real time monitoring is possible anytime, anywhere.

[2]Server "Measurement DX"

Used in a closed network environment (in-house LAN or proprietary network).
Security is robust because it is separated from the external network environment.

[3]Bluetooth "Measurement DX"

Free offer app. Further improves efficiency by linking with Bluetooth measuring devices. Direct input to Excel, web browser, apps, etc.

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Smart work environment.
Accurate data recording with no writing errors.

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