Innovative Measuring 「Measurement DX」

Measuring things correctly is an essential process for making good products. However, there are many problems at the factory floor, and there are many calls for improvement.

As a manufacturer of precision measuring instruments, TECLOCK proposes an improvement to digital measuring through digital transformation to meet the needs of our many customers both global and domestic, by “improving the measurement site environment” and “effectively utilizing measurement information.

Improvement of the measurement site environment and effective use of measurement information.

For paperless documentation.

For management and analysis of measurement data.

For the improvement of the quality of your company’s products.

For accurate measurement of the hardness of rubber.

For sending data via Bluetooth.

For the digitization of measurement data.

Various precision measuring instruments.

Easier and more accurate management of measurement data through One-push transmission via Bluetooth.

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Various precision measuring testing instruments.

Automatic or semi-automatic measurement of rubber hardness. Compared to manual measurement, a stable and more accurate measurement is possible.

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Cloud-based Measurement Solution Service

Instant recording of measurement data through cloud based databases.

View aggregate results anytime, anywhere.

First IoT cloud-based solution in the measurement industry.

Cloud-based IoT measurement solution for easy digitization and analysis of measurement data.

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