Bore Gauge & Micro Hole Test

Bore Gauge

Cylinder gauge is a comparison measuring device for measuring the inner diameter of the hole by comparison with a master gauge (micrometer ring gauge, etc.). The guide plate guides the center of the gauge head and conversion rod diameter portion of the bore (automatic centering mechanism), convey a displacement of the probe perpendicular converted dial gauge in one-to-one by the cam mechanism, reads the displacement of the dial gauge . The measurement accuracy varies depending on scale interval (resolution) of the dial gauge to be used. We offer a measurable lineup up to φ450mm from the minimum φ6mm depending on the size of the inner diameter.

Micro Hole Test

Measuring the inside diameter of up to φ10mm minimum 1.7 mm, it is small hole dedicated instrument. Tip of the probe is closed on the inside by insert the small hole and push the inside of the push rod to the upper. Transmitting its movement to the connecting leg, it refers to the scale of the dial gauge. As with the cylinder gauge to read the deflection width of the scale. Repeat precision representing the performance is a high accuracy of 2μm.