Various precision measuring instruments

We have been repeated many struggling and accumulated ideas and know-how in order to meet the needs of many customers as precision measurement equipment manufacturer.
The minimum scale is 0.0005mm. Please realize this accuracy.

Various precision measurement tester

SmartTester is a very useful measuring instrument that can measure rubber hardness with automatic or semi-automatic.
Compared to measuring by hand, it can be highly stable and accurate measurement.
It also can be output the measured data to the outside. (GX-02, GX-700 series)


Automatic Hardness Tester GX-02series


Automatic Hardness Tester GX-02series


Totally Automatic type IRHD

Cloud-based solutions service

IoT services to renew the manufacturing site

Instantly to record the measurement data to the cloud

Seen anytime and anywhere aggregate result

Measurement industry's first IoT cloud-based solutions

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